I'm Celebrating my twenty eighth year

as a non-smoker!

My name is Karma Singh and I want to share with you now how I finally got away from the stink, the bad health and the social ostracism of smoking.

I can never forget what it's like trying to kick the habit.

The frustration, the pain, the irritability and everything else. And then, so often, all for nothing as the weed gets a hold you again. I remember well what it's like. I know what you're going though - I've been there.


This is my story

Just like many, many others, I started smoking at school at the age of 14.

Through the following years I have sometime smoked more and sometimes less. The year 1969 was the high point of my consumption with a pipe, 3 cigars and around 20 cigarettes every day. From then onwards the pleasure in smoking gradually diminished. Giving up, however, was a very different thing!

At first, I didn't really believe that this could work so I only did the mantra occasionally. After a few days, however, my body began to have less and less craving for and more and more revulsion against smoking. And then, curiously, I got up on the tenth morning and it was as if I had never smoked. From that moment onwards, I never have.
Gabrielle H. Niedersachsen, Germany. May 2001
Sometimes I managed to get my consumption down to 8 – 10 cigarettes per day. Occasionally I managed to live through a few days completely without smoking. Once, I managed to resist the addiction for almost 15 months!

All to no avail: The drug always managed to get me back.


In the Autumn of 1991 I was invited to visit India for the first time. I was determined to go as a non-smoker. I managed to hold out for 11 days but then did board the aircraft with cigarettes in my pocket.

The central destination of my journey was an ashram in the Himalayan foothills. On my arrival, I quickly recognised that I was one of very few smokers. This gave me the impetus to ask the teacher (master) of the ashram whether he knew of any way to easily and permanently stop smoking.

Without making any comment, he gave me two mantra with special usage instructions.

And they worked!!!

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Three days later, on the 17th of October 1991 I was a non-smoker. More than 28 years later I still have this status!

In just 3 days and completely without the slightest trace

of any withdrawal symptoms or other difficulty!

Since the 17th of October 1991 I have never felt the
least desire to smoke!

All I can say is that I was ripe for it when Karma Singh gave me the mantra: I used the recipe for just one day and I have never touched a cigarette since.
Brigitta G. Bayern, Germany. July 2004
During the following years I have given this "secret recipe" to many others. Almost without exception, all have stopped smoking with no difficulty whatsoever. Not all within three days; one took a total of 10 days to achieve it, one was even quicker than I.

All that one needs to use this successfully is the will to stop smoking. You need no more than this! To force yourself, against your will, to stop smoking with this recipe is, however, not possible.

All you need are just two things:

1. Your desire to become a non-smoker and your clear decision to do so.
2. The Mantra and the instructions in how to use them.


Go to the order page now!To celebrate my 28th non-smoker year I have made the complete recipe, exactly as the master gave it to me, available to all on one audio file which you can download right now!

For just $ 47.00 you, too can join the ever growing ranks of the non-smokers, feel the clean air in your lungs, wash the glue out of your brain and the stink out of your clothes.

You, too will feel the vitality return to your body as the oxygen your body needs can at last find it's way into your lungs and your blood. You, too will awaken each morning without your head buzzing and your lungs rasping. At last you will know the real taste of that which you eat and drink.

The time is now. Take these mantra just as they were given to me. In 25 years there have been just five who failed. It is so easy. It takes just a couple of days and the addiction is simply gone - forever!

I'm not asking you to trust me, however. You can go there and get the mantra yourself, I'm sure. Just drop me an email and I'll give you directions. It won't take you more than 4 days to get there and there are daily flights to Delhi from all over the World.

I'm so sure of this, however, (remember - there has barely been a failure) that I, nontheless, give you

my personal 100% satisfaction, money back Guarantee!

If you are not happy with the results of using the mantra as specified in the audio file which you downloaded, and, despite 30 days continuous practice, you are still addicted, I will not only refund 100% of you money, I will buy you a box of your favourite cigarettes as well!!!!!

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Q & A:

Why am I giving a 1 month satisfaction guarantee?

I don't just want you to purchase this Audio file and enjoy the wonderful release that this method brings, I want you to do it without pressure, without stress and in your own time. I want you to succeed by using this method - and I guarantee you that success. I further guarantee that if this doesn't work for you, then I will not only give you your money back but will also pay for a box of your favourite cigarettes! That's how certain I am - there has barely ever been a failure. Click here for full details:

Why a 1 month guarantee on something that works in days?

I don't want you to be under any pressure at all. This doesn't help anything. I want to give you my personal guarantee and I want you to be completely free to stop smoking at exactly the time you choose and not because some deadline is getting closer. It's so easy - lots of time = no stress. Enjoy your non-smoker years.


As you see, I've taken away all the risk. The only thing your have to do is to complete the order form here…

In case you're still undecided about investing a mere $ 47.00 for a healthy future, just take a minute or two to calculate how much money smoking is costing you each day.

And then multiply that by thirty to see how much money you burn each month. And then (after first sitting down, please) multiply that by twelve to see how much money you've lost in the last year and are set to lose again this and each following year.

I have just sung the second mantrum 108 times. A truly wonderful experience. During the last third, my spine straightened itself more and more and I was filled with a wonderful feeling of peace and love.
Jasmin H. Thüringen, Germany. March 2006
Others give out hundreds in long-term therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture - you name it - with no certainty that any of it will work. (Have you ever heard of a doctor giving his fees back if he doesn't cure you?)

And it's not just the money you'll save; not just the enormous cash benefit. Just be clear about how much better you'll look, feel and smell when you, too become a non-smoker.


If you're ready now, here's your best chance ever to kick the weed habit - forever!


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Warmest regards,

Karma Singh
England, December 2017



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